Introductory Campaign

Session 3: The orcs are ready.
There's also a dark elf.

Having rested to regather their strength the party of adventurers continued to follow the caverns. The elven ranger scouted ahead, stopping just out of sight of another group of orcs who had created a crude barricade across the floor of the tunnel. Returning to the group they made plans, a ruse to draw some of the orc warriors out, the half-orc pirate (somewhat out of his element) called out to the enemy orcs “I’ve found some treasure, come help me”… actually, a bit tongue tied he instead said “you are my treasure”.

The orcs would have none of this, they were on high alert, they had seen the bodies of their slain brothers and were told to defend the tunnel at all costs. Realising they could not draw them out the party rushed to attack; the pirate, the human monk, and the dwarf paladin charged the barricade, magic blasted around them as the warlocks unleashed their magic. The elf fired an arrow at one of the orcs and the monk, feeling somewhat overconfident, attempted to vault into the centre of the orcs, sadly he stumbled on a loose stone in the barricade and fell short. Speaking of short, the noble halfing and arcane trickster extraordinaire, followed up and unleashed a blast of magic missiles against the orcs.

The elf continued to fire his arrows, dropping one of the orcs whose body slid off into the river next to them. The pirate, unused to fighting on land, ineffectively swung his sword at the enemy. With a “Hang on, how does the sleep spell work?” the halfling casts the spell and drops two orcs unconscious. From this point, the party made short work of the last orc warrior and the two warlocks leaving them with two prisoners for questioning.

The intimidating dwarf actually wasn’t, nor was the half-orc, the monk and the elf seemed pretty scary and apparently you shouldn’t mess with the Halfling. One of the orcs was terrified and readily told the party who they worked for (A drow, it’s always a drow), but the other called out “Prepare yourselves, they come!”. Today, the party learned a valuable lesson about the need for gagging prisoners.

Taunting the orcs at the top of the stairs to draw them out, the party is charged by the orcs, who are rather aggressive, and the dwarf gets an axe to the face (Bam! Crit! Every time I had a crit the extra damage was a 1). The party finishes that group, at one point the half-orc says to the Halfling “That was impressive, maybe do that again” with devastating results. The warlocks blast them as the move up the stairs but must have poor eyesight since they constantly miss.

The elf fires an arrow at the drow who summons a shield of force blocking the arrow. The monk asks “Should I charge at that guy?”, the elf says “well, if you’ve come this far you may as well”. The monk charges, attacks one of the orc warlocks and is dropped dangerously low on hit points as the warlock’s armour of Agathys chills him with numbing cold.
The drow casts hold person on the elf who has a 50/50 shot of succeeding but completely fails, and fails twice more before finally breaking free. He later casts it on the half-orc who breaks free on his next turn.

The skirmish continues with events more or less as follows, the drow drops the monk with the casting of magic missiles before taking an arrow to the knee fired by the Halfling. He returns to the orb he had been focusing on (I didn’t mention that earlier but the orb and a wall of glowing runes have totally always been there). “You fools! I shall harness the elemental powers of the orb to destroy you!” The party quickly dispatches the last of the orcs in order to get to the drow to stop him, with a final blow, he screams as the orb implodes drawing the drow through a vortex of elemental energy. In the distance, the party hears a rumbling, as if part of the caverns have fallen in. Returning down the tunnel they see a large section of the wall has given way and inside is a large cavern with motes of elemental energy floating in the distance.

“Shall we go back to town?” asks the elf.
“Well you could”, replies the DM, “or you could explore this new cavern with the glowing lights…”
“Oh, heck yeah, let’s do that”

Next time, the adventure continues with the party exploring the newly opened cavern.

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